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Virat Kohli Faces A Rare Bad Patch

Virat Kohli is the undisputed king of world cricket. There is no doubt in his abilities and capabilities. However, there are some concerns over his declining form and consistency over the last couple of years. Has Virat Kohli lost the charm he had once? Is the downfall here already? Find the answers in this piece.


A young boy from Delhi rose to the ranks and has stood up for the country on numerous occasions. He is India’s favorite son and is an idol for millions of aspiring cricketers in India and across the globe. His scintillating cover drives and short-arm jabs are a treat to watch. Indian Cricket Team found a gem in Kohli as soon as they lost Sachin. Such a lucky nation to live in and be a cricket fan. The fans didn’t have to wait long to recover from the trauma of the God of cricket retiring. Sachin retired in 2013, and Kohli’s 2014 was an unimaginable year for any cricketer. The year marked the inauguration of the Kohli era. 


Indians have a phenomenal record to boast about. Sachin Tendulkar’s record of a hundred hundreds in international cricket is still unbeaten. Suppose anyone has ever come close to beating that record, Virat Kohli. With his 27th test century in November 2019 against Bangladesh, Virat had already completed 70 international centuries. By that time, he had been scoring hundreds for fun. He had an astounding average of a century after every seven matches! But after 70, there was no 71. Days passed, months passed, the pandemic came and went, and Virat Kohli didn’t raise his bat. It’s 2022, and the wait is still on. The last time when Kohli punched the air after reaching three figures, Covid-19 was yet to become a reality.


It is harsh to term it Kohli’s downfall. The guy averages 46.6 in ODIs and 49.5 in T20is since 2021. However, the average in test cricket has been 26.08, which one would term as below par for a standard like Kohli’s. He has got starts, some excellent ones, but hasn’t been able to convert them into big scores. There is a mental block somewhere, visible from the patterns he gets out. He seems to try and push a bit too hard and sometimes loses his shape. His recent dismissals, especially against spin, are clear examples. His approach in every other game shows the thirst for runs and hunger for that three-figure mark. This is where your mentality plays a part, and Virat Kohli is one of the coolest heads in world cricket. However, a bit long, this is just a mere rough patch for a player with such greatness. One big score, and he will be back on track. You don’t question a player’s techniques with over 23 thousand runs at 33 years of age. The time is not far away when he will relish his lost colors and stun the world with his belligerent batting. 

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