Weather Controlling Technologies

The world’s weather is changing. Global temperatures are rising, and the environment is under threat. A household name for this threat is ‘global warming. Seminars and awareness programs worldwide talk about countering global warming by planting trees and reducing fossil fuel usage. But, the reality is that the damage is way more than its remedies. This is where science skips in. Scientists have discovered new methods of altering the weather conditions according to the needs of the hour. These weather-changing technologies come under the phenomenon ‘Geoengineering.’ In this article, we have covered the three most significant weather-changing technologies which will blow your mind!


Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. Rain has taken this little Johnny’s plea quite seriously in some areas. In recent years, rainfall rates have decreased quite significantly in tropical regions. Cloud seeding technology, in simple words, is the spraying of silver or lead iodide on clouds. These particles mix with small water droplets already present in clouds and turn into heave droplets, resulting in rain. Gulf countries like UAE often use this technology to produce artificial rains. The use of cloud seeding technology was also visible in the Vietnam war when the USA did it to affect the war preparations of enemies. In 2008, China used this technology to control weather forecasts for Beijing Olympics by making rainfall before the designated time.


As depicted by the name, the purpose of these towers is to whiten the clouds. White clouds seem gorgeous but carry a lot more than just scenic beauty. White clouds reflect sunlight in space, reducing the on-ground temperatures. These towers are built on big boats, which spray the seawater into the sky. The droplets scatter, forming bright white clouds and thus fulfilling the purpose.  


Arctic icebergs are melting at a rapid rate. The reason, we all know, is global warming. Geo-engineers, in the form of some Indonesian scientists, accepted this task open-handedly. They designed an iceberg-building submarine that would submerge under water and filter out salt from seawater. Next, the water can freeze naturally, forming a hexagonal iceberg.

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