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Content writing is one of the most evergreen jobs today. Every business in the world requires content, either for their websites or their brochures or whatever. Especially, with the increase in online businesses, the demand for content writers has touched its peak. 

This blog is a complete guide to be a good content writer. But before jumping to the process, let’s know what content writing is.


Content writing is communicating a message through written words. It includes writing and editing web content, mostly for digital purposes. Content writing jobs include article writing, blog posts, scriptwriting, product descriptions, and much more.


Before starting your content writing career, the following are some important prior preparations that you need to complete;

  • Know your areas of strength

It’s obvious, you should know what you want to write. Before starting content writing, you should know what you can do the best. For instance, if you want to pursue article writing as a content writing career, you would have to select a niche. Being a beginner, it is recommended that you pick a niche in which you have prior knowledge, maybe your favorite subject in school! Selecting a niche with prior knowledge reduces research time, and allows you to spend more time improving and adding value to your content. Once you gain some reputation and experience, you can move to other niches and other areas to write.

  • Make your content speak

This one’s important! People read what a content writer writes, and he gets paid for it. Now being a content writer, you would want your readers to adore you and your content. To make it happen, you will need to have great communication skills to create a strong impression. “Make your content speak”. To begin with, you should work on writing styles and basic grammar along with vocabulary. Read books, works of well-known content writers, and practice writing. Trust me, it will only make you better. A famous content writer from Pakistan, Khalil Ullah Khan once said that he wrote a complete book before actually stepping into the world of content writing. The book never got published but he got some valuable writing experience.


Now let us move on to the topic you’ve been eagerly waiting for. To earn through content writing, you will first have to decide whether you want to work for others or build your venture. Does it confuse you? Don’t worry, we will explain everything in detail.

This is the most popular way of earning money through content writing. Freelance content writing means that you do not need to associate yourself with one firm or one client, instead, you can work remotely for different clients at the same time. There are unlimited content writing opportunities on freelance platforms where clients have posted their requirements along with the budget. All you need to do is apply for those jobs and earn money. To know more about freelancing platforms and how they work, read our blog ‘Top 5 freelancing websites in 2021’

It is advised for a beginner to work upon anything he gets without worrying about money in the initial stage. The first step should be to gain experience, as experienced writers tend to get better jobs. In addition to this, most clients ask for samples before hiring writers. It is therefore advised to write around 20 to 25 articles before applying at any platform so that you have something to show. NEVER send word files, as they could be used without your consent. Instead, send snapshots of your sample. Some freelancing websites like Fiverr ask you to create a gig or profile. Now the client will have a sneak peek of your profile before hiring you, so make sure that your profile is attractive and contains precise details about you and your work.

If you have a bossy nature and don’t wish to work under anyone, you can start your blog to get going. A blog is an internet platform where information is published. A personal blog is just like a diary, where you upload pieces for people to read. To start your blog, you will have to buy a domain and hosting, create a website by whatever name you like, and start writing on it. This thing would cost you some bucks. Or you can simply go for free blogging platforms like Blogger.com, where you can straight away register yourself and start writing.

You can earn money through Google AdSense, affiliate links, and promotion advertisements. Your income will depend upon the way you write, and the traffic you gain.


Now let us compare both of the above options. Through freelance content writing, you get a limited income which is already talked through with the client. While in your blog, everything that you own is yours. However, it’s hard to gain traffic and establish your blog which would give you good returns. Whereas, you don’t have to worry about these things while providing freelance service. You just have to do your work and take your payment, and let the boss worry about traffic and all. Experts recommend beginners to go for freelance content writing and gain experience before building their ventures. 

Here’s a million-dollar tip. Register yourself at Blogger.com, or any other free blogging site, and start writing there. Write two to three blogs every week, or even more if you like. If they gain traffic and your AdSense gets approved, you start earning. And if it fails to gain traffic, no need to worry. You can use those writings as samples when you contact clients to apply for writing jobs. We await a million-dollar cheque from your side. :p

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