Why Nikola Tesla Was Obsessed With The Pyramids?

Nikola Tesla is considered as one of the most underrated scientists ever. Tesla’s revolutionary ideas are the actual science behind our Wi-Fi devices and smartphones. He had many interests and concentrated a lot of research power in mysterious and unknown phenomenon. One of these mysteries with Nikola Tesla catered is the science behind the Egyptian Pyramids.


Nikola Tesla saw these pyramids as a source of transferring energy. He came to this research while having a go at sending energy through wireless mediums. He regarded these pyramids as large energy transmitters, and related to the fact that they might have been built due to this very reason in ancient times. Tesla worked on the art of transferring signals through natural medium, and built a triangle shaped design of Tesla’s electromagnetic pyramid. He also built a Tesla Experimental Station at Colorado Springs and Tesla Tower at the east coast. The location of both these creations were chosen keeping the location of Giza pyramids in regard.


The other aspect of Nikola Tesla’s obsession with pyramids related to numerology. He was highly obsessed with the numbers 3, 6, 9. He believed that these three numbers were the binding forces of this universe, and he used to make choices in sets of three. Tesla believed that the pyramidal shapes hinted towards some mathematical laws and ratios. We don’t know the actual reason behind the building of pyramids. However, Tesla had firm believe that there was more into pyramids rather than mere architecture. It was built in ancient times either as codes, or for generating energy. The mystery of pyramids kept this mysterious scientist hooked up.

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