Will Technology Ever Take Over The World?

Will technology ever take over the world? The answer is probably, yes. However, as of now, the concerned humans can relax a bit; this is not happening any time soon. We all have heard those predictions that robots will take over blah blah percent of jobs by 2030, XYZ percent sectors will become automated, etcetera etcetera. The reality, however, states that humans are still required in many industries and workflows. Artificial Intelligence has undoubtedly created a revolution in the modern world, but it still has its shortcomings. This article is about why technology cannot take over the world in the current scenario.


Technology has connected us, solved our problems, and eased our lives. Despite these capabilities, machines are restricted to certain behaviors and tasks fed in the system. These machines can work in an automated environment only. They cannot make complex decisions based on cognitive thinking. This is where these highly efficient machines fell short. Humans can make decisions based on their critical thinking, perceptions, and creativity, which AI can’t. Therefore, humans are a very integral part of the process, and technology alone can not carry out the important processes of the world if they are to take over. Examples of these processes are surgery and human resources. These fields require motor skills and understanding of the receiver, which the technology lacks but a human doesn’t.


But these shortcomings don’t lay off technology completely. The AI can easily be paired up with a human operator, and the results can be very effective. There is no doubt about the capability of technology to work more efficiently than humans. If we manage to pair human thinking with AI actions, there would not be anything better. Even in the fields which require cognitive thinking, humans can create a ‘loop’ with robotic technology. The operator will feed the instructions or the input, and the technology will give the output. 

We see that technology is revolutionizing the medical industry, but that doesn’t mean there is no need for medical professionals. There are these examples in other fields as well. Therefore, we can say that human intelligence is mandatory in many aspects. AI is not overtaking the world without human assistance at the current pace. However, if a ‘brain’ is injected into these robots, we might see a new ‘United States of AI’ that may conquer the world and establish its rule.

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